Chena Lake Picnic



Had a really nice day off. I mostly just chilled at home until Matt got home from work. We had decided to have a little cookout/picnic for dinner. We were not sure where we wanted to go, then Matt mentioned Chena Lake Recreation Area. It was a park that we hadn’t been to yet but had talked about visiting. We packed up the cooler and headed out after he looked up how to get there.


The lake is about 40 minutes away, northeast of North Pole. Alaska gave us a beautiful day for cooking at the park, sunny and temperatures in the low 70’s. We decided to do our cooking at the beach/day use area near one of the pavilions. There weren’t many people in that area, most were on the other side of the road at that beach area swimming. (Alaskans have to be crazy….that water was freezing!)


Angry Seagull

Angry Seagull


A little while into cooking, some people showed up and have a small dog with them. This was a small yappy dog that, for some reason, decided to pick a fight with a seagull about his size. I know, nothing too special about that, right? This seagull seemed to have gathered 5 or 6 of its buddies and they started dive bombing the dog. This was our entertainment while cooking, along with a few water birds on the lake.



After we ate, we decided to drive around the park and see what else they had. We made our way back to the flood water research area that we passed on the way to the beach. It is like a dam, but they have steps built so you can walk on top of it and see the marshy flooded area. We decided to have a look and walked along it for a bit. Took some pictures of the marshy area and the mountains in the distance. The rest of the park contained some more picnic areas, boat launches, and campsites.


We have decided that we really like the park. We have talked about going back and renting a canoe for a day and exploring the rest of the park, having a bit bigger picnic with some friends and walking the trails, and even camping. We will definitely be going back and likely buying a season pass instead of paying $5 every time we go.

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