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Red Green Regatta 2013

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The Red Green Regatta is the last big event of the annual Golden Days celebration held in Fairbanks. Participants are to meet several requirements for their DIY vessels. A couple of the requirements are that participants must use at least one roll of duct tape and their vessels must not be powered by a motor. These photos show some of the creativeness that those from Fairbanks and surrounding areas possess. Among the construction materials are tarps, barrels, canoes, duct tape, cardboard, pvc pipe, and outdoor carpet. Enjoy the slideshow and let me know what you think. Does something similar to this take place near you?

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Golden Days 2013 Festivities


Ducks crossing under the walking bridge near Golden Heart Plaza.

Every year Fairbanks celebrates its gold mining history in the week that is closest to July 22. This is the date in 1902 that Felix Pedro found gold in a creek just outside of Fairbanks. The festivities include a duck race, where 7,000 numbered rubber ducks are dumped into the Chena river at the Wendell Street Bridge and the first one to cross the finish line at the Cushman Street Bridge wins for it’s ticket holder. Matt and I bought a $10 ticket, which gives us a chance to win a $10,000 first prize or various other prizes depending on when our duck finished the race.


Getting closer to the finish line.

This year the duck race occurred on Saturday the 20th. We went to watch the race, to see if out lone little ducky won us anything. Neither of us were surprised that we didn’t win anything, considering the number of ducks released. None the less, it was fun to watch! Where else can to you see 7,000 rubber duckies racing down a river in the heart of a city? We also decided to walk through the street fair. I popped into one or two booths to look at some jewelry that was for sale, but I didn’t buy anything. Matt isn’t really the type that likes street fairs, so I tried to look quickly as we walked by.

First place duck being pulled from the water.

First place duck being pulled from the water.


Tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, it the Red Green Regatta.  This is a race on the Chena River where applicants are required to use at least one roll of duct tape in the construction of their vessels. No motors allowed to be used during the race and the winner is judged based on creativity and use of duct tape. Stay tuned for a post about the Red Green Regatta and our thought on who would win and the actual winners. I am sure it will be fun to watch the shenanigans of this race.


7,000 ducks in a boat at the end of the race.

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A walk in the Potato Field.


Sunday, July 14th, we decided to take a walk to Smith Lake located on UAF property. We chose to go here because Matt has walked back there several times, taken pictures, and talked to me about how pretty it is. He had also seen a moose back there on a couple occasions and I had hoped that we would get lucky and see the bull moose (at a safe distance).



This particular day we were in luck. The bull was in the Potato Field, munching away on some fire-weed. We were talking when Matt spotted him. The bull just looked at us for a minute, saw we weren’t going to bother him, and went back to eating.

IMG_9909We walked around the area he was in and snapped a few pictures from different angles. This was difficult for me, since the fire-weed was as tall as I am and the moose was standing further up the hill than we were. To give an idea of how big the moose is compared to the height of the fire-weed, I am a little over five feet tall.

IMG_9913We then continued to Smith lake, where I snapped this photo of a damsel fly. Unfortunately, the sun was at such an angle that I was unable to get a good photo of the lake at this particular spot. I had noticed that there was a map of the trails in the area as we were entering the Potato Field and mentioned that we should walk back to another field, which is the T-Field. We never made it to the T-Field, the mosquito made it unbearable for us to walk much farther. I did manage to get a photo of the lake, from another angle, before we abandoned our journey.

IMG_9915If you would like a map of the summer tails, one can be found here. Also, if you plan on walking or hiking anywhere, I suggest you look up wildlife safety tips for the area you plan to explore. For Alaska, I would specifically suggest searching for how to behave when encountering bears and moose.

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I crochet too!


I know I have been MIA and it feels like it has been a month since I posted. I haven’t been doing anything too exciting, definitely not running into moose in the woods. I have been staying home more, finally getting some more of a blanket done that I started in January.


After getting half of the motifs done, back in early March, I lost all drive to complete the project. It is probably a good thing that I set a goal of having it finished by December, I just might be able to meet that one. This blanket is being made with a pattern I found on Ravelry.  I am using Caron yarns in Victorian Rose, Off White, and Bone. I am considering connecting them differently than what is shown in the picture with the pattern, but I haven’t decided yet. I will leave that decision for when I gt all the motifs done.



Along with my current projects, I also have another blanket lined up. I have been wanting to make something for my nephew for a while, but couldn’t figure out what to make. I will also be using Caron yarns to make this blanket. I found a pattern that I liked, around the time I found the pattern mentioned above. I am not having second thoughts and wanting to attempt using the Entrelac crochet method to make this one. I found a crochet along on Youtube. I have also fallen in love with the look of the crocodile stitch, which I discovered through The Crochet Crowd. I started playing around, making a swatch with crochet thread. I am thinking I will make it the front on a small throw pillow. My original plan was to make a scarf out of it, but I have since decided that it would take way too long using the thread. I may end up using the stitch with yarn to do a scarf.

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July Fourth in the Last Frontier


The day started out as planned (sort of). We went to a friend’s house for a get together. Nothing big, just some burgers on the grill, baked salmon, various sides, some Top Gear, and plenty of conversation. Matt and I left about the time that the board games were coming out. I was beginning to feel a bit overwhelmed my the noise level at that point and Matt doesn’t care for board games much.


fter getting home, we both decided that we wanted to do something outside. Neither of us had anything specific in mind. We eventually decided to go to Creamer’s Field and walk their nature trails. This is something that we have done several times in the past, but haven’t done since we discovered Chena Lakes.


After arriving at the Farmhouse (visitor center) we started through the field on the cut path. Soon after entering the woods we remembered why we hadn’t walked there in several weeks. Creamer’s Field is a marsh area, which means swarms of mosquitoes. Our walk ended up being more of a speed walking pace in an effort to avoid the blood suckers. Half way through our chosen trail there was a platform where we sought refuge for a few minutes. We looked out over the field areas around, hoping to see some wildlife. After seeing nothing but the few mosquitoes that followed us up we continued on our way.


Near the end of the raised walkway in the woods (near the 6 on the trail map linked above) we got quite the surprise. As we rounded a turn we came upon a moose and her calf having a snack on some of the trees by the trail. We always keep an eye out for wildlife, both for safety and photo opportunities. Neither of us saw either of them until we were literally right beside the baby. This scared the crap  out of  me. Luckily we were a comfortable distance from baby for mom not to get upset. We moved a safer distance away, snapped a few photos, and then continued on our way. This was the most exciting and nerve-wracking part of my day and I must say, that is the closest i ever hope to get to a moose of any size. IMG_9535

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Daily Prompt: Nature

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Daily Prompt

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