Golden Days 2013 Festivities


Ducks crossing under the walking bridge near Golden Heart Plaza.

Every year Fairbanks celebrates its gold mining history in the week that is closest to July 22. This is the date in 1902 that Felix Pedro found gold in a creek just outside of Fairbanks. The festivities include a duck race, where 7,000 numbered rubber ducks are dumped into the Chena river at the Wendell Street Bridge and the first one to cross the finish line at the Cushman Street Bridge wins for it’s ticket holder. Matt and I bought a $10 ticket, which gives us a chance to win a $10,000 first prize or various other prizes depending on when our duck finished the race.


Getting closer to the finish line.

This year the duck race occurred on Saturday the 20th. We went to watch the race, to see if out lone little ducky won us anything. Neither of us were surprised that we didn’t win anything, considering the number of ducks released. None the less, it was fun to watch! Where else can to you see 7,000 rubber duckies racing down a river in the heart of a city? We also decided to walk through the street fair. I popped into one or two booths to look at some jewelry that was for sale, but I didn’t buy anything. Matt isn’t really the type that likes street fairs, so I tried to look quickly as we walked by.

First place duck being pulled from the water.

First place duck being pulled from the water.


Tomorrow, Sunday the 21st, it the Red Green Regatta.  This is a race on the Chena River where applicants are required to use at least one roll of duct tape in the construction of their vessels. No motors allowed to be used during the race and the winner is judged based on creativity and use of duct tape. Stay tuned for a post about the Red Green Regatta and our thought on who would win and the actual winners. I am sure it will be fun to watch the shenanigans of this race.


7,000 ducks in a boat at the end of the race.

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2 thoughts on “Golden Days 2013 Festivities

  1. Juanita riley

    keep on blogging—your blog makes the pics more vivid for me—love it

  2. This is so fun !!!

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