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Staying motivated

Here is a list of things I have done to help me stay motivated so that I can achieve the goals I have set for myself this year.

  1. Talk about my progress and failures. I tend to talk to friends, family, and co-workers about my goals and what I plan to do to achieve them. Along with that I talk about what I have done so far and whether or not I have made progress. Some people care, some don’t. At least I am talking about it.
  2. Get others involved.  Recently I have noticed I have been having a hard time keeping up with the exercising that I set out to do. I took notice of this and have asked for some help from friends and family. I have asked that they ask me about my routine from time to time so that I am help accountable. My sister will probably even join me on this exercise journey even though she is 4,000 miles away. Having someone else to talk to when you are likely experiencing the same things is critical.
  3. Write it down. I have taken to writing in my planner. I write a to do list some days and others I just write what I accomplished after the day is done.It helps me to feel like I accomplished more than I thought when I do this. I am trying to remember to write everyday, some days just slip by.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stuff happens, things get edited out of your day to make room for more important things. It is not a big deal. Just pick up where you left off the next day and try to stick to the schedule you set yourself.
  5. Treat yourself. Sometimes we all need a little something extra to keep going. Set a goal for the week of month and if you succeed treat yourself. Go out to eat, buy yourself something you have been wanting for a while, or just take a day off and relax.
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New year, new attitude, new me.

I have never been one to make resolutions for the new year. I have always felt the if you want to make a change in your life that you should just make it and not wait for a specific time of year to start. This being said, I have sort of made some resolutions for the year. I like the time frame of a year to meet these goals, it just so happens that the motivation to change things hit me around the beginning of the new year.

First, I would like to get fit. Notice I did not say lose weight. I am in no way unhappy with the number on the scale, but if I lose a few pounds in the process I will not be upset. I mostly just want to get moving more and tone my body. At the moment my fitness level is minimal. I work retail, so I get a lot of walking in on the days that I work (minimum of 4 hours a day for 4 or more days a week). On top of the walking I have started doing some beginner Pilates and yoga. I chose these because of the ability to gain some flexibility and the stretching that comes along with them always feels nice. Another thing that I would like to start this year is running. This activity will wait until I am feeling a bit more fit and the nicer weather that comes with summer in Alaska. Running will be especially challenging for me since I have asthma and a messed up knee, but I will do what I can and listen to my body.

Next I would like to work on my sleep schedule. There has already been some improvement. In the past week I have been asleep before 3AM more often than after 6AM. My goal is to be asleep by 1AM every night and wake by 9AM. Currently I am waking anywhere between 10AM and Noon, which is much better than my previous 2PM wake time. I would like to get to the point where  it is just something that my body does naturally and I no longer need an alarm clock.

Another thing that I would like to work on this year is being more independent. I have social anxiety. Large crowds, too much noise, even the thought of crossing the street freak me out. I want to really push myself to do some things on my own. In the past year I can only remember a few times that I have left my house without Matt being there. Part of this if me not being comfortable driving his car, but there have been times that I wouldn’t even go to the bank across the street by myself. I know this is all foreign to him and he doesn’t really understand it. It is a lot for him to take on and put up with. I no longer want anxiety to be a large part of my life like it has been in the past.

Part of all of this is having a new attitude towards life in general. I don’t want to sit around and just exist, I want to LIVE. I want to enjoy every day that is given to me and be a happier, nicer person.

What are you doing to better yourself this year? Have you made a progress?

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What do I do about my credit score?!

Every year for the past few years I have done my free annual credit check, looked it over, and then not thought about it again until it was time to do it again. This year, after looking over my credit report, I have decided to do something about my score. I know that I have a couple things that are in collection and my mounds of student loans, but where do I begin?

I have been paying back my student loans since about June of 2012 and I have not missed a payment. I know that this shows as good on my credit report. At the moment I cannot pay much more than the minimum, but would paying more be beneficial on my credit report? 

Another thing I have been considering to help build my credit is getting a credit card. I have done some research and have found that there are secured credit lines available for those that cannot get approved for unsecured lines of credit. At this point I am still a bit confused about which option would be better. I feel as though I can read as many articles as I want and I still won’t have enough information to suit me. 

Some questions I have:

  1. Are secured or unsecured lines of credit best for increasing your score?
  2. What cards or companies have the most recommendations and best customer service?
  3. Should I be paying off student loans faster?
  4. Is it best to leave the two accounts in collection or pay them off?

I am going to continue talking to people around me and searching for information. If you have answers to any of my questions or any suggestions based on things that worked for you please feel free to leave a comment. 

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