Human Interaction and Job Searching (THIS IS A BIT OF A RANT)

One of the most frustrating things that I have found since I started searching for a job is the lack of human interaction. I get that technology makes it easier to weed out candidates that are completely wrong for a position, but not every question or statement can be responded to with disagree, agree, strongly agree, or anything of the sort.

I personally feel that to hire the right person for a position that interviews (yes, plural) are necessary. Even to get my position working at a retail store part-time I had to go through two interviews; one with human resources and one with the manager of the department that I would be working in. Even with this process in place there is still a high turnover rate in these type of positions.

I am currently applying for positions where I might be able to get some use out of my Bachelor’s degree that I am paying thousands of dollars for. I have completely given up on some opportunities, for the time being, for various reasons. I am focusing on some higher level retail positions that may help me advance my career, but what is the point if I can’t even talk with a human being before being rejected for the position? I seriously read all the required and preferred qualifications carefully to determine if I feel as though I will be good enough for the position, tailor my resume for the position I am applying for, fill out the online application that is required (even though all the information is on the resume that I have the option to upload), then spend how ever long taking an assessment just to be disqualified without me giving any explanation for my responses and never having spoke with a human being.

This is especially frustrating for me when it comes to customer service positions or anything dealing with interacting with the public on a regular basis. How are you supposed to know how people will react to different situations when dealing with the public if you never experience them dealing with people? Even one face-to-face interview can give a general idea of how someone reacts when dealing with people, even if the only person the interaction that is taking place is with the person doing the hiring.

Am I the only one that feel as though they have missed out on position because of an automated system with assessment tests that need to be completed before you can even speak to a human?

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