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BIC Soleil Glow BzzCampaign



A few days ago I received a new BzzKit in the mail. This one is for the new BIC Soleil Glow razors. In the box was a three (3) pack of BIC Soleil Glow Razors and ten (10) Coupons to share with friends and family. Last night I decided to try them out and see what I thought.


BIC Soleil Glow Razors and 10 Coupons

I decided to use the BIC Soleil Glow on my right leg and a Gillette Simply Venus Disposable on my left. I bought myself a big pack (16 I believe) of the Gillette when we made a trip to Sam’s Club and have been slowly working my way through them. I like them well enough and wanted to see how these new ones from BIC compare.


Left is Gillette Simply Venus and Right in BIC Soleil Glow

Both of these razors have 3 blades, a moisture or lubricating strip, and a strip of ‘fins’ that are supposed to help reduce nicks and cuts. Both of these razors also have a pivoting head to help get around off of the curves in your legs. They also have some kind of grip to make the razor easier to hold on to while shaving.wpid-2014-05-13-23.57.25.jpg.jpeg










My over all thoughts are that the Gillette Simply Venus does a better job. I noticed after shaving that my right leg still felt a little prickly, which my left leg felt smooth as normal. I feel like all the plastic around the head of the BIC Soleil Glow keeps the blades from getting as close as they possibly could. All of that plastic did seem to help the razor pivot around the curves of my knee and ankle better than the Venus does.  I have no preference when it comes to the grips or the moisture strips.

I would probably recommend this razor to someone that is just starting out in the world of shaving. I say this because all that plastic keeps the blades from getting too close and helps prevent kicks and cuts, but they could still get the hang of the process. For those of us that like a closer, smoother shave I suggest you try something else.

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