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Staying motivated

Here is a list of things I have done to help me stay motivated so that I can achieve the goals I have set for myself this year.

  1. Talk about my progress and failures. I tend to talk to friends, family, and co-workers about my goals and what I plan to do to achieve them. Along with that I talk about what I have done so far and whether or not I have made progress. Some people care, some don’t. At least I am talking about it.
  2. Get others involved.  Recently I have noticed I have been having a hard time keeping up with the exercising that I set out to do. I took notice of this and have asked for some help from friends and family. I have asked that they ask me about my routine from time to time so that I am help accountable. My sister will probably even join me on this exercise journey even though she is 4,000 miles away. Having someone else to talk to when you are likely experiencing the same things is critical.
  3. Write it down. I have taken to writing in my planner. I write a to do list some days and others I just write what I accomplished after the day is done.It helps me to feel like I accomplished more than I thought when I do this. I am trying to remember to write everyday, some days just slip by.
  4. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Stuff happens, things get edited out of your day to make room for more important things. It is not a big deal. Just pick up where you left off the next day and try to stick to the schedule you set yourself.
  5. Treat yourself. Sometimes we all need a little something extra to keep going. Set a goal for the week of month and if you succeed treat yourself. Go out to eat, buy yourself something you have been wanting for a while, or just take a day off and relax.
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